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Fix your Rotten Golf Game! Do you want to not be the guy buying a round of drinks at the end of the Golfing day? Then Crazy Golfers is the place to be. With 11 different instructors and sites to choose from you should have no trouble finding the answers to all your Golfing questions. If that isn’t enough by signing up for my e-mail report sheet I will send Golf information and videos I find around the web as well as alerts when major retailers are having a big sale.

What is on Crazy Golfers?

I put together a list of what I think are some of the best instructional web sites on the internet, I put a short review together for each one as some  have complete instructions teaching you everything, some are about specific aspects of golf like putting or the use of irons and some on exercise.  Now the internet is filled with golf websites and instructions but these are my favorites however I am always looking for new sites and instructions to share.

Will you see any big named players listed among the people giving lessons? No.  Why is that? It's because the big name golfers are out playing tournament's and making big money and when there done playing they have plenty of money to retire on.

So what about all the instructors listed? Many of these instructors are the guys coaching the big names. Just like every other sport  many of the best coaches and instructors weren't the best players but are great teachers.  The only instructor on here who uses the name of his  big name student  is Michael Bannon who coaches Rory McIlroy.  Some of the instructors may be giving tips in your favorite golf magazines as well so don’t be surprised if you see some names that look familiar.

I grouped the sites listed in a few categories so you would have a basic idea behind the site and wrote a little note telling everyone what the site is about and  provided a link  so you can check out the sites you are interested in. Not all groups will have a lot of sites listed as there may only be 1 or 2 sites in that category that I thought was worth listing.  Some sites are text with pictures some are text and have videos. All the site sell golf lessons, whether it be a book or a book with videos there is plenty to learn. The lessons each site sells are reasonable in price and most are between 20 and 50 dollars which is less then a round of golf or a night out with a good meal so there is no reason to deny yourself the lessons you want.

Why Crazy Golfers? Because you want to be out playing golf not searching the entire web looking to find a good golf lesson guide. Which is what I have done and will continue to do as I keep looking over the web for more great golfing tips and lessons. I will even send tips by e-mail when I find good ones. So check out what is here and find the lesson instructor that works for you.


Category 1 General Lessons

The first site is The New Four  Magic Moves to Winning Golf. This is one of the top selling golf instruction courses on the Internet and has been for a while. The course is in both written and video and runs the entire range of golf from beginner to seasoned players. The site has many reviews by people who have bought the course and are very happy with it.

Click Here for  The New Four  Magic Moves to Winning Golf

The second site is Beginner's Guide To Golf, this book is another how to do everything text guide that says if you don't play better  you don't have to pay. They cover every aspect of golf in a separate chapter. Beginner’s Guide To Golf is a downloadable PDF that you can keep on your computer to review anytime you wish. To visit there site click on Beginner's Guide to Golf bellow.

Click Here for Beginner's Guide To Golf

Consistent Golf and the stress free golf swing is one of  the best selling golf instruction course on the internet  right now. Put together by former pro Jeff Richmond  to help your over all golf game. This program is a culmination of many of  his other books and years of play. The program is in both video and written form. To look over the materials in the Consistent Golf Program click below.

Click here for the Consistent Golf Program

The Unique 6 Step Golf Lesson is by probably the only person you have heard of Michael Bannon who is Rory McIlroy life long coach. In his book Michael goes through the basics and why the are so important. He also talks a lot about over thinking the game and why so many people play bad because of it. An interesting look into the game.  To look over the The Unique 6 Step Golf Lesson website click below.

Click here for The Unique 6 Step Golf Lesson

Official How To Break 80 (tm)  is  video and text instructions focusing on the fundamentals of playing golf and how to do everything properly which will lower your score, To visit there site click on Official How To Break 80 (tm) bellow.

Click Here for Official How To Break 80 (tm)

Category 2 Golf Swing

Monster Golf Swing is kind of a hybrid guide where it teaches you long drive techniques through  proper swing as well as through exercise to gain more strength in your swing.  This lesson guide is a little different as far as the way the present the information.  To go to Monster Golf Swing click below.

Monster Golf Swing


Golf Swing Book is the next site, here they deal with techniques, arc of your swing and many other aspects of the swing and talks about lowering your score because of your swing, also has video instructions. To visit there site click on Golf Swing Book bellow.

Click Here for The Simple Golf Swing Book

Swing Man Golf. is similar to the other sites dealing with technique, holding the club and club motion, they have video as well as a blog to read so you can see anything new that they have found. To visit there site click on Swing Man Golf bellow.

Click Here for Swing Man Golf

The Art of Simple Golf is another different kind of golf site offering a lesson guide as it mostly shows the basic golf swing and how to alter it for all the different clubs. Interesting way of teaching but makes everything seem so simple.

Click Here for The Art of Simple Golf

Category 3 Exercise for Golf

Body for Golf is the next site I am listing, it is an overall conditioning workout system with exercises for the whole body along with many stretches to improve flexibility and range of motion. There is also a section on nutrition as well. The book takes into account age of different players and provides exercises for different age groups. To visit there site click on Body for Golf  bellow.

Click Here for Body for Golf

Category 4 Mental side of Golf

Renegade mindset techniques for Golf is a book that delves into how to get ones mind set to play golf. It sounds funny but it does matter as you will learn how to block out things, not lot a bad shot upset you and the rest of your play. An interesting look into playing golf.

Click Here for Renegade mindset techniques for Golf

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